Rustproofing Guns

Rustproofing applicator tank of 10 L (2.5 G). Its independent hoses for air and materiel allows total control of air and material debit for several spray patterns from very dense to highly atomised spraying. Allows you to dispense material without actually carrying the product. Specifically designed for Proform's rustproofing formulations. Will not apply gel type rustproofing materials. It is important to make sure the product used is compatible with our applicator gun. Includes tank, gauges, regulators, 7.5 m (25') hose and 36” flex wand flat head and underbody nozzle.


  Part No. Description Case Qty MSDS
for use
 PF 834Applicator Gun1  
 PF 838Applicator Gun1 N/A N/A  
 PF 834-L015013Trigger handle only1 N/A N/A  
 PF 834-L015140Gun fronthead kit1 N/A N/A  
 PF 834-L015141Quick coupler for PF 834 & PF 8331 N/A N/A  
 PF 834-L0151428" Spray pattern nozzle for underbody1 N/A N/A  
 PF 834-L01514336" Black rubber wand with handle 360°1 N/A N/A  

  MSDS sheets are provided in PDF format.
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