Industrial Bases

Economy Alkyd

Revolutionary Coating Economy Alkyd Acrylic serves a variety of applications and substrates.  They are ideally suited for both interior and exterior on metal, wood and some engineered materials.   All of these products are lead and chrome free. The volatile organic compound (V.O.C) are in compliant within the jurisdiction where the products are sold.

Product Variations

RCC-IB 1000-G

3.3 L (0.875 U.S. Gallon)4/caseClear Base

RCC-IB 1001-G

3.55 L (0.937 U.S. Gallon)4/caseDeep Base

RCC-IB 1002-G

3.66 L (0.968 U.S. Gallon)4/caseWhite Base

RCC-IB 1003-G

3.78 L (1 U.S. Gallon)4/caseWhite

RCC-IB 1004-G

3.78 L (1 U.S. Gallon)4/caseBlack

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