Industrial Tints

Industrial Tints

Revolutionary Coatings colorants consist of 12 high-performance, non-aqueous colors designed and formulated for industrial uses. These colorants have unique properties which make them compatible for any solvent based industrial coating.

Product Variations

RCC-IT 2000-G

3.78 L (U.S. Gallon)4/caseTitanium White (TWx)

RCC-IT 2000-Q

946 ml (U.S. Quart)6/caseTitanium White (TWx)

RCC-IT 2001-G

3.78 L (U.S. Gallon)4/caseQuinacridone Red (QRx)

RCC-IT 2001-Q

946 ml (U.S. Quart)6/case Quinacridone Red (QRx)

RCC-IT 2002-G

3.78 L (U.S. Gallon)4/caseLead Free Orange (UOx)

RCC-IT 2002-Q

946 ml (U.S. Quart)6/caseLead Free Orange (UOx)

RCC-IT 2003-G

3.78 L (U.S. Gallon)4/caseRed Oxide (ROx)

RCC-IT 2003-Q

946 ml (U.S. Quart)6/caseRed Oxide (ROx)

RCC-IT 2004-G

3.78 L (U.S. Gallon)4/caseBurnt Umber (BUx)

RCC-IT 2004-Q

946 ml (U.S. Quart)6/caseBurnt Umber (BUx)

RCC-IT 2005-G

3.78 L (U.S. Gallon)4/caseYellow Oxide (YOx)

RCC-IT 2005-Q

946 ml (U.S. Quart)6/caseYellow Oxide (YOx)

RCC-IT 2006-G

3.78 L (U.S. Gallon)4/caseLead Free Med. Yellow (MYx)

RCC-IT 2006-Q

946 ml (U.S. Quart)6/caseLead Free Med. Yellow (MYx)

RCC-IT 2007-G

3.78 L (U.S. Gallon)4/caseOrganic Yellow (OYx)

RCC-IT 2007-Q

946 ml (U.S. Quart)6/caseOrganic Yellow (OYx)

RCC-IT 2008-G

3.78 L (U.S. Gallon)4/casePhthalo Green (PGx)

RCC-IT 2008-Q

946 ml (U.S. Quart)6/casePhthalo Green (PGx)

RCC-IT 2009-G

3.78 L (U.S. Gallon)4/casePhthalo Blue (PBx)

RCC-IT 2009-Q

946 ml (U.S. Quart)6/casePhthalo Blue (PBx)

RCC-IT 2010-G

3.78 L (U.S. Gallon)4/caseQuinacridone Violet (QVx)

RCC-IT 2010-Q

946 ml (U.S. Quart)6/caseQuinacridone Violet (QVx)

RCC-IT 2011-G

3.78 L (U.S. Gallon)4/caseLamp Black (LBx)

RCC-IT 2011-Q

946 ml (U.S. Quart)6/caseLamp Black (LBx)

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