Body Fillers and Putties

Revolution Flowable Blending & Finishing Putty

A flowable polyester glazing putty designed to fill pin holes, sanding scratches and minor imperfections. It can be spread over a much larger area than conventional glazing putties, and allows imperfections to be filled without altering contour. Can be spread extremely thin and sanded to an ultra-fine featheredge. Use over sanded substrates, steel, galvanized steel and aluminum. When mixed with body fillers, it improves spreading and sanding. Cream hardener included.

Product Variations

PF 121

710 ml (24 fl oz)6/caseHardener: PF 140

PF 122

880 ml (30 fl oz)6/caseHardener: PF 140

PF 128

150 ml (5 fl oz)6/caseHardener: PF 138

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